How to Keep Koi

Preventing Overpopulation

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Koi overpopulation is one of the hardest problems to deal with when it comes Koi ponds. Once you have too many fish in your pond, severe problems can occur, and potentially cause death among your fish.

There are a few ways to help prevent overpopulation. While you are never guaranteed that it will never happen to you, following a few simple steps will greatly reduce you chances of overpopulation.

Do Not Overstock

A common problem new Koi pond owners run into is over stocking. When you first go to buy your Koi, you will have to decide on the appropriate number of Koi to buy depending on the size of your Koi pond.

Talk with your Koi dealer or Pet Store professional about the specifics of your pond. You should tell them information about what type of filtration systems you have, what size your pond is and where you are planning on placing your pond. With this information, a professional will be able to adequately predict the correct number of Koi you can have in your pond. Do not worry if this number seems small, because your Koi will grow fast and get rather large.

Once Overpopulation Has Occurred

In the event that overpopulation has already occurred in your pond,  there are several ways of removing Koi fries from your pond.

One way is to stop feeding your Koi the minute you realize that spawning has occurred. Do this for about three weeks. Do not worry about your Koi starving, as they will focus more on natural foods if you are not feeding them daily. This “natural” diet includes their young. The adult Koi will eat their young when they are still eggs or if they are small and resemble insects. Once the baby Koi actually resemble real fish and the adult fish recognize this, they will no longer eat them, so it is important to start this process as soon as you notice spawning.

If you find this method cruel, there is another way of removing unwanted fries from your pond.  Just find someone to give them away to.

First, check with your local pet store. Many pet stores will accept your Koi. Some may even pay a certain amount for each fish since they sell them. Local Zoos may also have programs.

If you know of a local Koi society, you may let them know that you have unwanted babies. Alternatively, you can find a message board or group online and post messages there about your extra Koi.  Find out more about how to look after Koi fry at How to look after Koi fry.

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